G.P. Daniele

Director of Player Development

      break G.P. Daniele is the Director of Professional Player Development for The Players Group. He serves as a key member on the TPG management team, specifically on issues of recruiting, development and marketing. He has been involved with hockey at all levels since he was very young and has developed a very keen eye for recruiting young talent. G.P. lives in and is based out of Toronto, and is primarily in charge of overseeing TPG recruitment all over Ontario. In fact, chances are very good that you have seen G.P. in a rink already! Aside from doing so on behalf of TPG, G.P. attends hockey games purely for the love of the sport. On any given weekend, he may be at a tournament in Detroit, Montreal, Toronto or Boston. He also keeps very close track of young players on teams throughout Minor Hockey, Tier II, the OHL and those on their way to NCAA college programs. Whatever the direction you envision your hockey career taking you, G.P. has knowledge and understanding to help you every step of the way.

G.P. earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the University of Toronto and a second Bachelor’s in Business Management from York University. Over the last fifteen years, G.P. has put these degrees to good use, launching and marketing some of the most successful consumer products in Canada. G.P.’s passion and enthusiasm, not to mention his experience, in developing and promoting these products easily transfers to his ability to recruit, develop and market young hockey players.

G.P.’s recruitment philosophy and style are based on five core principles and values: skill, commitment, mental strength, family and passion for the game of hockey. G.P. has been around the game long enough to recognize these traits in players and knows talent when he sees it. Whether a player possesses skill is a fairly simple question – answerable with objective figures. However, measuring and evaluating a player’s commitment and passion for the game is a skill in itself, and is one G.P. has acquired over his many years in hockey. Likewise, he has come to know the importance of mental strength and toughness and prides himself on being a no-nonsense type of guy. Put simply, G.P. is not an agent who will tell you that you had a great game when you skated slowly, turned the puck over or missed a defensive assignment. He will be with you to congratulate you on your successes but also to help you through the low points in your game. Additionally, as noted, G.P. feels that family relationships are among the most important relationships a hockey player can have. G.P., as well as the rest of the TPG family, realizes that there can be big implications of the decisions hockey players make early in their careers. Whether to play in the OHL or attend college, for example, is a huge decision each player will have to make for themselves. But it is also one which will involve a lot of input from the player’s family, especially their parents. G.P. works with the players and their families to ensure that the paths they choose are those that are absolutely in their best interest.

While G.P. has many accomplishments, the development of young athletes into superior hockey players and quality men is an intrinsic reward of which he could not be more proud.
G.P. Daniele